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The Villains of Christmas and Hanukkah

"The Power of The Powerless" Is More Relevant Than Ever

I Red-Pilled an AI - Part 4

I Red-Pilled an AI - Part 3

I Red-Pilled an AI - Part 2

I Red-Pilled an AI - Part 1

No Fallout From Dr. Fukushima

There's No Conspiracy

The Art of War and the Army of Life

Trying The Substack Chat Thingy

Defeating "Divide and Conquer"

Western Media Criticizes China for Censoring Covid Protests

"Wednesday" - Old-Fashioned Fun With a Positive Message

Your Owners Want You Dead

There Are No Blue States

Debunking the GOP "Death Wave" Theory

Sperm Count Has Dropped 50% Worldwide Since 1972

"Don't Worry Darling" Accidentally Gets Some Things Right

When Is a Wave Not a Wave?

What We've Got Here is Failure to Communicate

"Stargate SG-1" Perfectly Explained the Depopulation/Vaxx Agenda

We Want Justice

"Dune" Predicted a War Against Technology

The Silenced Majority Finds Its Voice

Is "Black Adam" the First Post-Woke Superhero?

How Do You Explain Reality to a Newbie?

Elon Musk: Savior or Deceiver?

Healthcare Has a Munchausen by Proxy Problem

Move Over WEF, Here Comes the FII

Travel During Lockdown Was Used to Identify Persuadable Voters

Lawmakers Forced to Grovel After Suggesting Diplomacy

Why You Aren't Very Good at Anything

Prescription Drugs Can't Cure Spiritual Malaise

It's Time to Move the Needle

When Freedom Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Are Free

Send This Email to Your Governor This Morning

Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" Is the Libertarian Anthem We Need

“Starship Troopers” Tried To Warn Us About Endless War

Kanye West to Buy Parler

How The COVID Vax Campaign Convinced So Many People

Scientists Discover "Repertoire of Resistance"

Everything Is a Trade

Wittkowski: A Nutritional Supplement Could End COVID

We Are Living in Mythic Times

Is It Conspiracy?

Siri Is Still Spying On You

Unsung Hero: Trump's Mental Health Czar Opposed Lockdowns, Blasted Media

Is Klaus Schwab Jewish?

Nobody Is Paying Attention to Iran

USA Ludicrously Announces Restrictions on Computer Chip Exports to China

Meet Klaus Schwab: The Man Behind 2020's Misery

IMF: Your Opinions Will Affect Your Credit Score

Bad Medicine

Melody Gardot Doesn't Sing About Nonsense

CERT Class Is Where the Government Teaches Prepping

What Is Situational Awareness?

A Tidal Wave of Death and Disability Is Hitting Millennials

Why Revolutions Are Always a Surprise

"Black Tide Rising" Series Blends Prepper Philosophy With Horror Fantasy

Sewer Pipe Living Isn't Just for Ninja Turtles Anymore

Jason Bourne vs. "Left of Bang"

Why Most Fitness Programs Fail

Emergency Food Products Have a Nutrition Problem

"Pendulum" Explains Why Society Predictably Goes Crazy

John Carpenter’s “They Live” Asks Important Questions

Did Looper Accurately Predict the West's Collapse?

Nassim Taleb's "Antifragile" Explains A Lot

The Psychology of “Active Killers”

Will the Microprocessor Shortage Spark a Renaissance in Analog Engineering?

Build a Minimalist First Aid Kit for Pennies

These Programs Combine Self-Defense Training With At-Home Fitness

Home Sweet Container? Cargotecture Comes of Age

The Linux Operating System Is Ready for Primetime

How to Survive "The Unthinkable"

Electroswing - The Sound of Freedom Gets a Fresh Beat

The Psychology of Compliance

"The Unlisted" - Netflix's Surprisingly Subversive Kids' Show

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