I'm so unconnected to everyone, so distrustful.

No friends, but I'm very hard to control. My friends are dogs

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An excellent and sobering summary of the situation! It's easy to be distracted by the theatrics instead of focusing on the script writers. Either they know what they're doing, or they don't; not sure which is more scary to contemplate.

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It's a grand time of awakening. If you understand at the fundamental level that you are a Conscious Being with free will, these "Owners" will have no control over you.

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The first part of the article gives good insight into the psychology of normies. Well-explained and brief. I give this a like. I think you should've highlighted the sentence about psychedelics vs alcohol (mind-broadening vs sedating).

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Yes, it's becoming clearer that everything we see is fake. One example, federal budgets, and balance sheets, included separate agency balance sheets. The truth is they do not reflect the real expenses and operations and the illegal created federal and agency income that is never reported. Try getting a balance sheet from any agency using FOIA. You won't get one or you're pawned off to another agency.

Our government through all types of it's agencies has black books it operates under. Income is derived from drugs, weapons deals, theft, confiscated assets of countries and now individuals, as we've recently seen with Russian citizens because they know Putin.

Those weapons that were lost in Afghanistan, notice how little the government cared. It's easy to see the intelligence agencies selling off these weapons in black markets and washing the cash through it's many off the book operations to fund all their off the book programs to hold the hegemony of the US together. Mr Trump was a threat to these black market schemes and had to be dealt with. Think too of the damning evidence stored in the Pentagon and the Building next to WTC in NY that surprisingly is all missing after 9/11. The lost money is in the many billions and now those records are gone. Ironic right?

What we have is a giant crime syndicate made of federal agencies, large world corporations, especially defence, pharma, and banking, the intelligence apparatus, military industrial complex, pharma, and now billions lost in cryptocurrency set up by federal agencies, as in FTX, as the disclosures become public.

The Mafias of the world must be in awe and taking notes of the massive influence and efficiently well oiled machine available to this cabal, with the media playing along. I haven't even mentioned big tech who are stopping free speech from matching orders of the people in charge of upholding the Constitution. The public must be kept in the dark.

We can't even call it corruption, it's embedded so deeply now it is just the way the system works.

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Anyone here heard of the "Gurdjieff work?" According to this teaching we are mechanical "reactional machines" not "free." And the psychopaths are equally mechanical. We are all under planetary influence. Read a book that matters to you, knit a blanket, hug a baby, take a conscious breath. People all around are doing marvelous things. I'm 71 and don't really want to concentrate on dystopia. Life is what it is, in the present moment - death comes - no problem. As Baba Ram Dass said, "Be Here Now."

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Wow. This was the best explanation of how we live our lives I have EVER read/seen/viewed.


Thank you...I am awake now...I knew I was living at the time, knew other people didn't know stuff (just hid it better), but for the last three years, I have been living in a nightmare because I know they want us dead.

Pity our politicians who have sold us out don't realize that too.

Personally, I'd like to send this to the Federal Reserve, who is taking us down.

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Very thoughtful writing, thank you!

Speaking of technology, i really want to get my calendar off Google so they don’t know my every move. Besides paper, does anyone have any decent digital alternatives to recommend?

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The SNL clip is not available outside the US. Can someone figure out how to download it and upload to odysee?

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"I am come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly."

Once you believe, then you step outside of this matrix of deceit, and start to see things from the unchanging perspective of faith.

It's a pretty amazing thing then to find, as it is written at 1 Corinthians 2, 16.

"But we have the mind of Christ."

Imagine - finally knowing with absolute certainty who you are, and what you must do.

"Fear God, and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man."

It's pretty straightforward, really.

Others will hate you, but you know now, and with absolute certainty, that there is One Who loves you, and died for you.

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The World System is overpopulated with humans.

This served Consumer Capitalism well.

A human population heading to 8 billion is unsustainable.

The Elite Class has had explained to them chapter and verse that we all go down together or the human population is taken back to, say, 400 million.

That number provides enough at the higher intelligence end of the spectrum to keep The State of The Art state of the art.

A.I., advanced software and cheap robotics will obsolete most work.

There will be no Bill Gates endless days of leisure time.

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