Agreed...and it's already starting. I hear lots of regret from many of my clients about taking the jab. Most did it for work or travel...and most didn't have a particularly strong opinion about it.

I've started hearing mentions and mumblings of how many friends have lost husbands, and there have been children lost as well. The community concern is trending upward. I hear regret in their voices. And also fear.

When the shock wears off, I think you are absolutely correct. It's not going to be pleasant.

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Nov 2, 2022Liked by Lex Weiser

So stinkin' good Lex. Well thought out.

I'm going to try and "recruit" some folks over here.

They need to hear your message.

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Nov 2, 2022Liked by Lex Weiser

Nailed it.

Nailed exactly how we feel.

Thanks for writing this out in perfect words in perfect order !

We need this truthful clarity when navigating through the present day dystopian world.

You are speaking for so many of us who don’t have your gift.

So happy to have chanced upon your overview.

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The vaxxxed are going to go ballistic


And another

Count down to the Mass Hysteria of the Vaccinated


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If I could give this article a million likes, I would! While I was reading it I kept shouting, “Yes! Yes!”

You made so many great points, but this section was one of my favorites,

“they were able to establish the illusion of absolute global consensus. By creating the fictional demon of “misinformation,”

God has given you a gift. Keep using it to speak the truth. Many did not want to listen to reason over the past 3 years, but now the “Conspiracy theories” have landed on their doorsteps. They can no longer deny the evidence, since it is directly affecting them and their families. They need, we all need, people like you.

I pray that God greatly blesses your work and that the truth continues to spread.

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This writing is like a nuke... reminded me of the literature that has shaped me and has been constantly on my mind these last years.. created to REMIND us, to WARN us, to SHOW us- those great, great writers, of 1984, The Road to Wigan Pier, Lord of the Flies, The Crucible, Brave New World...and so many more.

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Brilliant. Let it rip, not RIP..

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Nov 4, 2022Liked by Lex Weiser

Actually, this is likely all planned. To ensure a large enough portion of the masses will be angry enough to incite riots. Which would then trigger [more] military intervention and facilitate the civil war that movies like V for Vendetta have been predictively preparing us for some time. And then Ordo Ab Chao for CBDCs and/or concentrated city camps.

And always take screenshots or screen video of any important documents/tweets/etc. Especially now that the censorship is so blatant.

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Damn, you're smarter than me😎😎😎😎

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Dr. Erickson... Early hero!!!! Asked reasonable questions... Banned!

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Contact info. Murdering bitch

I wrote her last nite she advocated coercion of deathvax, needed Nuremberg trial, and if convicted, the rope.

Will call her Mon am...

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Hello Lex :) Thank you for great analysis !

Have shown people that all the governments of the world are corrupt and controlled by the same system. What test do they use to prove COVID exists ???

I can save they the trouble of answering that one.. There is NONE.

PCR tests proven to be inaccurate and it's creator Dr. Karry Mullis said "it was worthless for testing for a virus," electron microscopy also only shows "exosomes" which look like a corona. They are not viruses they are produced by our cells to fight disease not create it. The rest is blah blah since the tests they use are not accurate.

And they have been faking the death codes on the certificates as per the instructions the CDC put out in March of 2020. And yeah, I have the document to prove that. This is straight from the "CDC".

This is CDC put out. It is a directive for them to lie about the death coding.

*COVID-19 Alert No. 2 March 24, 2020

New ICD code introduced for COVID-19 deaths


This email is to alert you that a newly-introduced ICD code has been implemented to accurately capture mortality data.

When will it be implemented ? Will COVID-19 be the underlying cause ???

The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate.

Oh yes, the bonus money. Check this out...

The CARES Act provides incentives for hospitals to use treatments dictated solely by the federal government under the auspices of the NIH. These "bounties" must paid back if not "earned" by making the COVID-19 diagnosis and following the COVID-19 protocol.

The hospital payments include:

A "free" required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid fee to hospital.

Added bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Another bonus for a COVID-19 admission to the hospital.

A 20 percent "boost" bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir

Another and larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is mechanically ventilated.

More money to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if patient did not die directly of COVID-19.

A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

Because of obfuscation with medical coding and legal jargon, we cannot be certain of the actual amount each hospital receives per COVID-19 patient. But Attorney Thomas Renz and CMS whistleblowers have calculated a total payment of at least $100,000 per patient.

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Bring it on. I'm ready.

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