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True, and think almost all of us know this. The problem is how to avoid the trap when we are being pushed along the road towards the trap and trying to go back will mean being trampled.

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So true! Even the convenience of technology is a trap for dumbing down the masses. Does anyone remember how to look at a map and calculate the total miles to your destination? Does anyone still own a map?

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Darn good post. Esp because it agrees with my thoughts! I want to simplify, simplify. Less engagement with tech.

I go out with dogs by streams, lakes. Owls at dusk! Coyotes (2?) surrounded me, probably wanted to eat my littlest dog but we made it out...

Saw so many buzzards fly in to get in Gor the night! And none monitored by freakish nwo.

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"Once the traps have you, they steal your most precious resources: your time and your energy."

Outstanding manner of expressing this fundamental truth, Lex.

I'll see your Sun Tzu and raise you one Yamamoto;

"One must consider this very carefully."

(Jocho Yamamoto, "Hagakure.")

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The sad part is I really like technology, but the folks that control it is another thing all together. I don't mind not using a smart phone (I am the only one I know that doesn't) as I never really liked the things (small screen etc). But when I 1st saw people buying their coffee with one, I was quite glad I don't.

The other stuff though ... gave up a bunch of things I quite liked, just because of the people that control them and what they do.

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Tech is a tool.

Like a knife, you can use it to carve people up and cut yourself, or master it and make beautiful works of art and other tools.

Master it.

But, learn how others would use it to master YOU, and stop them.

One tech they use against you is mind control.

You must understand mind control, both individual and of the masses, and educate the people about it, so that they may defend against it. Mind control is quite simple, it depends on repetition to create beliefs (beliefs are nothing more than thoughts consistently thought upon until they become subconscious), and degradation of the individual by toxins & bad food (e.g. saturated fats and cholesterol are essential to proper brain development and functioning, and have been demonized by those in control).

Jason Christoff has done excellent work in describing both the problem and the solution to individual and group mind-control. See https://courses.jchristoff.com/podcasts/psychology-of-freedom

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Technology will rob us of our humanity, unless we turn to the GOD of our understanding. GOD lives in the Truth & I have to believe the Light of TRUTH will come to pass ...

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Beautifully written, thank you.

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Amen! Thank you.

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Comin' up fer air after the new year, (an' much ado...) I had'ta say I'm fully on board with this one!

Tech is a trap for sure (as are the other nefarious traps listed) but the lure of tech is 'specially dangerous as it erodes the best of what is human and quickly too.

How many reliant on GPS (mentioned in the com-mints) plum fergit how to navigate without it! Buy a map as ya said and also do what us "ladies" do--look fer landmarks (left at the tie department or right at the Minimart).

I worry most 'bout the young'uns. Readin' on Epub devices with endless pages prevents (I larned) people from accurately going back to refer to texts or reference them--our brains image where things are on the page--that's eliminated with endless pages... Buy real books--bee-u-tee-ful hardcovers with great illustrations (Arthur Rackham anyone?) I'll read substack online but the rest--real live books (An' perhaps we all best git ta usin' our memories Fahrenheit 451 style ahead of the censors...)

Talented musicians fall into synthetic digital tropes and foller' meaningless trends. Too many students today using digital composin' software and not just sittin' their keysters at the piana. Also, I see sheet music replaced with glowing ipad screens, eliminating page turners who intuit the subtle moments that mark the breaths and connections of real life performance. I see digitally enhanced voices from folks who forego technique and just fake it (blech).

They even make these "do it all fer ya" cookers where you screen-select a recipe and the thing'll chop, dice, measure, cook and almost serve your dang food for ya (they are spendy and full'a emfs too--convection-based...) -- WHERE did the pleasure of and texture and smell an' JOY of Cookin' Go? (Victuals gone virtual... feh)

So tech is like one'a them Dementors from Harry Potter (if ya have kids this'll make sense). Sucks the life outta ya... not a fan. (I do have a flip phone--last month I averaged 11 minutes TOTAL on the thing.)

Whereas tech is tough (thin/mean/exacting/precise/boring...), real life traps (tender ones included) are far more appealin' to me (as a fan of old movies and--ideally--real old theaters with velvet seats!)

Here's the real not the mock fer luddites and nostalgics alike...


Times like these we do have the option ta eschew the new... nu?

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Don't join the dudebros who these days are saying "tech" while what they actually mean is just communications technology ;) It's just one instance of technology.

Loosely related and quite an insidious trap is the following – Schopenhauer said:

[The youth] have been deluded into an absolutely false view of life by reading novels {and watching movies and series}, [[which depict the ways of the world and of men who do not exist in real life,]] and expectations have been raised that can never be fulfilled.

And, in general, children should not get to know life, in any aspect whatever, from the copy before they have learnt it from the original. [...] The result will be that their heads are full of chimeras and that some will have a wrong comprehension of things, and others will fruitlessly endeavour to remodel the world according to those chimeras, and so get on to wrong paths both in theory and practice. For it is incredible how much harm is done by false notions which have been implanted early in life, only to develop later on into prejudices; the later education which we get from the world and real life must be employed in eradicating these early ideas.

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Yes, I largely agree. I've long seen technology as evil, because it seduces us in with its 'convenience' and usefulness, but then it addicts us and allows negative influences to reach us. It seems the perfect tool for The Devil (metaphorical. I don't believe in a literal Devil entity. It represents the influence of evil). a

But as for that story of the man who climbed a mountain and came back with rules for how to be human-- That appears to be a deception and trap similar to technology. The commandment not to worship false idols applied mostly to other Gods and Goddesses at the time, and trapped the Israelites in their exalted isolation. This created all kinds of conflict and turmoil in their lives, and revealed Yahweh as a jealous, insecure, egotistical god.

Moses then ordered all the "idolators" and worshippers of false idols such as Aaron to be slaughtered. His own clan kin, the Levites, were most enthusiastic in carrying out these commands of Moses who got them from Yahweh, that the Levites participated in slaughtering some of their own family and clan. Then Yahweh through Moses rewarded the Levites for their loyalty in carrying out mass murder by making them spiritual rulers over the Israelites, the Levite Priests, who went on to commit many other slaughters and atrocities against their own kin and "enemy" tribes.

So in this sense, obedience to the laws that make one "human" was a trap all its own, and a particularly deep and troubling one. The traps can be subtly seductive, or grossly ponderous, such as some of the Commandments. Here is where it may be good to ascertain Who is issuing the seduction or commands, in order to stay out of the trap. For instance, if the Jewish CEO of Pfizer is pushing vax tech, I can stay out of that trap by knowing who he is and why he must not be trusted.

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