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If ideologically opposed Groups can't work together in opposition of this 'Common Enemy Among All Human Beings', none will continue to exist...No Ideology, no groups and eventually, no rational, logical, sane human beings of God or NOT of God.

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Nix (at least from one crackpot here!)

I know "polly-ticks" kin make strange bedfellows but nu? jews in the same room as Nick Fuentes? I am NOT not not seein' it. On a talk show mebbee but not joinin' forces....

I'm 100% fer 1st Amendment an' am against bannin' any've these "influencers" or pundits or even "musical MKUltra'd marionettes" that go off script full-tilt-boogie--Sure, let'em all say their piece. For me to wade thru it online (tryin' to stay informed while skirtin' the "white nationalist" landmines....) I DO put on mah "daily armor" ta muscle thru posts-official AND jus' the we-hate-chewz com-mints -- goodies found one way 'er another most everywhere'z "non-blue"--from pundits on Alex Jones (Harrison Smith is 'specially of that anti-chewish mindset...) to (deep breath) Unz an' Makow (self-hatin' both've 'em BUT and YET there are yet gems a'plenty on their danged sites anyways so muscle thru I do!).

But frankly (kosher ballpark frankly!) ,if I can BARELY survive bein' in a "virtual" room with folks that'd Yoohoo/Foxes-U-Bet want me dead ('or at least stripped've votin' rights like St. Nick sez when he's not takin' cutesie 'bout too few've us cookies gettin' baked in the ovens...) then I just CANNOT see this workin'. And yes, I know about the black writer that befriended the KKK guy but still...

I have friends've all faiths--includin' no-faiths--an' in this fake eppy-damit I've lost friends've all faiths includin' no faiths too... but joinin' up with those'at want me dead WHEN the entire gubba-mint AND all the globalist illuminati psychopaths want ALL of us dead--does not seem pro-duck-tive. Havin' a thick skin is one thing--askin' for someone ta come 'round an' give us a numbered tatoo as part of a co-operative effort ain't gonna cut it...

Got another idear maybe?

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Lil' Abner by way'a The Beverly Hillbillies. It's my cover, keeps the "bots" away, an' a fav-o-rite character--and as I cain't use it on stage (bein' one'a them unjabbed members of what wuz once a vibrant "ahrts" community here in New Yawk...), I may'ze well use it online. So...

Yup, I DO like the IDEA of workin' parallel, in leaderless "splinter" groups so nobody has ta rub elbows with their least favorite people--all with same end-goal, got it--but not sure how that would work here/now. American Revolution had boots (an' a few shoeless joes!) on the ground, folks physically separated, even mercenaries just doin' paid work... There was internal leadership of course and I do like the idea that all the little groups without a "grand marshall" are harder to target.... BUT I'm not seein' how this could work in 2022, 'specially with all the agent-provacateurs, insider infiltration, and the ability to cyber-monitor everyone and his dog.

Cell phones bein' trackin' devices, I'm not sure how this'd work practically speakin' -- satellite may be more secure but very limited fer communications... I don't trust any social media more'n I kin throw it... I fear what's goin' down on Twitter now is like roundin' 'em up in the cattle cars... all in one place (not to black pill ya...) Need to see if spelled out to envision it workin'

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I'm eager to comment, but confined to phone app until internet installed in my new headquarters later today. Much to discuss as always, but will wait until I can type.

For now: study The Battle of Seattle in 1999 for a coalition against global banksters that included both "White Nationalists"/2A Patriots and Antifa. We the People were all united against a common enemy, the WTO and mostly International Jewish bankers.

We were successful. The WTO conference was shut down by a huge block party that occupied the streets for 4 days straight and WTO delegates were unable to reach the conference center.

What happened since? The Bankers working through the WTO began "identity politics" and "the progressive stack" to divide us again. Today we are widely divided by political ideology, race, historical understanding, sex, vax status, diet, relatively minor issues such as abortion, death penalty, many others...

These divides have been engineered and expanded over the last 22 years with the full leadership and participation of Jewish bankers, media, government, academia, and organized crime syndicate working with intelligence agencies such as CIA and Mossad.

We might study how this was done and reverse engineer it. We might also study how the truly diverse coalition formed against the WTO and how we can form another against the Great Reset, which is essentially the same thing only more total.

One key factor is: knowledge of a common enemy. Not a "scapegoat," a real known enemy.

A second key factor is: knowledge of a common cause. That's easy: liberty, and even the existence of the human race as it has naturally existed.

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