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International 'Group Think' alone is ALL the proof necessary. Where there are conspiracy, lies, propaganda and mega-wealthy Philanthropathic Genocidal Maniacs calling for a Coupe they

REDEFINE a "Re-Set"; of course, it's INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE as Nazi Germany. It's related to TREASONOUS FRAUDS INSTALLED IN GOVT. INVITING THE WORLD'S POPULATION TO INVADE AND HERD THEM AS ANIMALS TO THE CITIES IS 'BUILDING CONCENTRATION CAMPS'. It's related to those entering being Military-Aged males in a country recently PURGING its own remarkable Military and allowing Communist CCP Police Depts. on both coasts of the country in two of the largest Concentration Camp/Cities in the U.S. and the world.

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"Red pilling" means primarily awakening to the truth of WWII, the Holocaust, Chancellor Hitler, the Jewish Issue, and related matters. It has been extended to include other awakenings, such as vax truth, government corruption generally, lying media and much else. In the process the original "red pill" is forgotten--mostly by design--as other insights gain attention. In some sense this operates as obscurantism of the original insights.

Similar, the term "woke" originally referred to awakened to the Jewish Issue. It was co-opted by the extreme left "progressives" and distorted beyond any recognition. This is the Word War we engage in continually.

This AI (if that's what it is, and not an attempt to dodge ownership of the meaning of these words) is close to the truth. The depop plan is not just de-fertility, but direct slaughter by vax. This AI accepts the existence of viruses, which to me seems a Limited Hangout.

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